Change of Venue

I certainly didn’t intend for over a month to pass between my introductory post and my second attempt. Life, such as it is, intruded rather rudely into my blissful realm of unemployment and forced me to reorder my priorities and reconfigure my schedule.  In short, I got a job.

Not just any job, in fact, but a potentially interesting (one hopes) and extremely challenging (no doubt) job.  After spending a few weeks dithering in London and attempting to sort out some visa issues, I have begun my new employment with a private security company in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Just goes to prove how one can never be sure where one’s life will lead.

I haven’t settled in enough yet to determine exactly what kind of experience this will be, but it is certainly a long way from the comfortable halls of academia which I had begun to grow fond of.*  Kabul is not London, not a long stretch.  Hell, it’s not even Swindon or Manchester.  This city is considerably more screwed up than any of those places.

*Perhaps “fond” is not the right word.  I had become comfortable, which is not the same thing.  Nor is it a good thing, in my opinion.  One of the reasons I accepted this position in Afghanistan is to break out of the not-entirely unpleasant rut that I had fallen into.

So, I intend to continue this blog and maintain the focus on IR in general and security studies in particular.  I may be somewhat divorced from the latest scholarship, but the practical experience in a conflict zone should hopefully make up for that.  And I promise to do better than one post a month.  Really, I promise.


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